Time to leave.  We’re off this island in 3 Saturdays. 

The movers took everything away on Tuesday.

The cats freaked out at the disappearance of their “only home.”

Joscelin doesn’t seem too phased by the disappearance of her “only home.”

Everyone is having a great time in the peace of an empty house (hide-and-seek, reading and being bummy).

We were blessed with a new car, which we’ll pick up upon our arrival in Jacksonville:  a 2007 Nissan Quest (and FINALLY, the girls will all be able to fit in one vehicle without use of a crowbar).

We’re almost free!


3 thoughts on “Departing

  1. Glad to hear that you are finally making it off the island.  I know when I made my great escape that it felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Hope that you have a safe and smooth move back to the USA.  I will have some pictures to post of Egypt I am still getting settled in here for my vacation haha.  I will talk to you on the flip side.

    Shokran Lahosen Diafatekom

    Mae El Salamah


  2. Found you!  I can’t begin to say how pleased I am.  I’m so glad to hear of your next phase – and a car big enough to hold you all!  When you settle in wherever you’re headed next, please let me know contact information. 

    Love to you all.



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