Show and Tell 15 September (Repeat Offense)

This is more of a listen than re

I like these, maybe you will:

Reading Counts

Kerux Noemata has Christian Example, Exhibit #1: Richard Baxter on Delighting in God.

Family Example, Exibit #1: Mr. Piper’s 31 years of work.

Kids make you happy? Think again. Here’s an article from Boundless.

This is more of a listen than read from 22 Words: 22 Songs

This is a book review that made me want to see about getting the book by J. C. Ryle: The Duties Of Parents.


Challies put up a pretty prayer: Father of Mercies, Hear me for Jesus’ sake

This is nice. Simply put by Piper: Nothing Works – Try Everything

A wonderful bit on Dad by Tim Challies. WONDERFUL. Like my dad. Almost a perfect capture. Read Boundless.

A bit on mothering from the Upward Call.

This is a good angle on what it’s all about. In 22 Words.

A bit about the dark cost of our technology and culture that I’ve considered for a long time: Tech and Permanence.

A little parenting encouragement, specially for the Mommy from Amy’s Humble Musings.

The PyroManiac article that really says a LOT about Christian thinking. I love this one. These guys are bright.

Sometimes we doubt we’ll ever get to learn again, or our knowledge is fading from misuse. I like this thread of thought from the Upward Call

This lady has a lot of wisdom about grieving. I have a couple of her blog posts here: how to, Helping With Food, , The Hallmark Issue, and there are a few others.

Think the kids are tough? Try looking at parents too! We can relate. Challies

Mawwage is what Bwings us Togevah Fowevah. God Style.

The ULTIMATE online discussion forum topic. There’s nothing like it, anywhere.

Do you find it a real challenge when you face change? Don’t read this.

Belated Easter Poem from Challies: O Little Child Of Salem

If you want a really cool treat, check out Enya’s website. She’s one of my all-time favorite musicians, but she’s got some good web designers too.

Obi Wan Auto Master

Be Holy. Nuff said.

A very moving discussion of the power of words, by Luther and some guy who is bovverd and

29 things, most of which I do, or try to do, but always need to do more, to glorify God as a parent.

Some Fiscal Wizardry from a guy concerned with the future. Try Banking on God.

Here’s a comparison of a good witness in regards to hell and a truly apologetic witness in regards to Hell. Pyromaniacs.

Apparently our Joscelin is too young to learn about the Gospel. If your church is using First Look for Sunday School curriculum, you might want to take a first look at this. I guess Bunkies aren’t allowed to start experiencing the real world and real life as God made things until she’s 6 or 7.

SHORT read on terminology. Tomato? Tomahto? I think not.

Need a refresher on your Star Wars Memory? These will Help: EPISODE 4, EPISODE 5 And there’s some behind the scenes discussion from the viewpoint of the pilots in 4. The Original Score from the Death Star Philharmonic.

Work or Faith? These Girls Talk about which is which.

Little sins grow. The Upward Call on competition.In 22 words or less I can’t tell you how cool this blog is.

Turn off your music box, open the link and let this page load completely. Don’t look anywhere else until it’s done.

About giving and grumbling.

Pyromaniacs delivers a sobering discussion of the Gospel and Evangelicals.

I have a fairly low opinion of professional athletes. This guy’s interview does not support my sentiments at all.

Do you want to know what fearing God means?

This is more of a Good Look: Our Bunky is famous. Vanessa is our good friend and an excellent photographer.

The English Language is doomed, and it’s all HER FAULT.

Are you into all that scientific Mumbo Jumbo? Here is some rEvolutionary fun.

I feel like this.
I am so GLAD my Beloved doesn’t.

What is in a 2008 Hope Chest? I am thinking of proposing this to my Beloved and see if maybe it’s something we can work on with our girls.

Mohler talks about what we are doing to our little girls.

Story about a man who left town


REALLY depressing. Are you gonna vote for this guy? Yeah, the senator dude is pretty hilarious and I do feel for him, but the underbelly truth about this whole thing is…What HAS this demmy (or any) done for us? I’m for someone who offers more than hot air promises.

Preacherthoughts: List of Church Inhibitors

Jollyblogger: The 5 Whys

Team Pyro: Angels In The Field. (A small part of this near the end that reminded me of some important parent skills)

Girl’s writings opening new window on autism

And her conversations

Challies: Learning How To Rest

Mohler: “Are We Teaching Our Children To Lie?”


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