Baptism Last Call

Cover for Item ReviewedContinuing from Sunday’s Baptism Retread, I want to demonstrate this from my own past and that of my kids. My oldest, was “baptized” into a pagan family. She was born to witches and dedicated in accordance with her family’s beliefs. No choice there.

Now we were more honest than Christians at the time as well. We, as parents, determined to raise our daughter with freedom to choose her beliefs by not explicitly indoctrinating her into witchcraft’s creeds or practices. Credo-baptist Christians do not do this with their own – they create a half-way dilemma for their kids in which the dedication and upbringing are Christian, but do not provide for inclusion in the covenant family of God. Essentially, this creates pagans being accepted into the family and church. Does the term Christian-in-name-only come to mind?

The world has the concept of baptism down perfectly. Children born outside the church, to non-Christian families are “baptized” into the religion of their fathers by full acceptance as just what they are; no “of age” requirements or professions of faith required at any point in order to become part of the family or culture or nation.

Once again, it seems most natural to me to think that the position of “believer’s baptism” as the only acceptable view of baptism is backward and unfaithful to the Scripture and God’s revealed system.

For additional reference:

I find that the arguments against paedobaptism are similar to the arguments against paedocommunion. I think that the analyses of PC are fitting where they do not similarly suit PB. Analyses of PB included in these references point toward validating the baptism of infants and young children. So far, it appears that PC isn’t for minor children because of the complexity, obligation and depth of the Lord’s Supper as opposed to baptism.

OPC paedocommunion – a great layout of the scriptural and historical grounds concerning paedocommunion.

PCA paedocommunion – a collection of position papers and statements on the issue.


3 thoughts on “Baptism Last Call

  1. Hallo Pooka: I don’t intend to seem falsely naive and I’ve no knowledge of all the arguments on this subject. But, speaking from my own experience, I was baptised as an infant. I was 26 before I was confirmed. I feel the path to that decision was helped because I had been baptised as a baby. I said the same thing on Churchmouse’s blog a few weeks ago. As I read you, I think I am not saying anything with which you would disagree. Quite simply I think this Sacrament conveys a grace which should not be denied to any infant presented to a Christian minister to receive it. Regards. Llew


  2. Agreed, Llew.

    I have been compiling and trying to hit angles to this subject which I have not completely dealt with in the past. It’s an attempt to fill the gaps in my studies on baptism. This is all relatively new to me (about a year, now) and I want to try commenting on as much of it as I can. If it is a help to others, I’m even more pleased to post it.


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